Meeting Space

To extend its philanthropic mission, the Mertz Gilmore Foundation makes its conference rooms and facilities available for meetings of nonprofit groups on an as available basis. The Third Floor Conference Room is located in a four-story brownstone from which the Foundation operates. A full kitchen adjacent to the conference room is available as well. The stationary conference table seats 12 people and additional chairs and sofas allow the room to accommodate a group of 20 or more. A smaller meeting space, the Fourth Floor Meeting Area, with moveable tables seats about 14 people. Both of these spaces have basic audio/visual equipment. In addition, a garden space is available mainly during spring and summer (weather permitting). Please note that the building does not have an elevator.

Use of meeting space is free of charge during the Foundation’s regular hours of operation, Monday through Friday, 9:30am – 4:30pm (including setup and cleanup time). In the summer, the Foundation is closed on Fridays (mid-June through mid-September). The Foundation is not able to accommodate meetings on weekends or after business hours.

We advise visiting beforehand to see the layout of the meeting spaces and facilities. To arrange a visit or schedule a meeting, please e-mail a request with preferred and alternative dates and times to Paul Bennett at MGFMeeting[a]